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The problem with probabililities without models

Scott Alexander writes in defense of probabilities without models. I denied the possibility of this before, also in the context of Scott’s steel-manning of Yudkowskyanism, but back then the focus of the discussion was slightly different. So this is a … Continue reading

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This is part two of a series on Fourier analysis and intuition. In the intro post to this series I promised to explain how Fourier analysis is similar to the geometry of shadows but noted I would first have to … Continue reading

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My tactics on the Ideological Turing Test

My last post explained how I came up with my atheist persona for the ITT.  Now I want to talk about judging heuristics and how I tried to game some of them. I think it pays off to  plant cultural … Continue reading

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New series: Fourier analysis and intuition

Looking at my posts so far, I haven’t been talking about math yet. So today I’m starting a new series on my favorite part of math: Fourier analysis. Now please my dear readers (both of you), don’t run away!  This … Continue reading

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