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Thinking about a pseudonym change

I first used the Gilbert moniker on German fora. In that context it’s a relatively subtle reference. But I think using it in English-speaking contexts might have been a mistake. A Catholic naming himself after Chesterton is a bit pretentious … Continue reading

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Do you have problems commenting here?

Someone wrote in complaining that their comment was lost  because of a wrong answer to the anti-apam-quiz. Said commenter presumed it was a cultural reference they weren’t getting. Actually the answer can always be found in the post. The idea  … Continue reading

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Quick note on commenting

I have just edited a comment for the first time in this blog’s lifetime. In this particular case I just removed the commentator’s chosen pseudonym, which was obviously calculated as a taunt. I’ll take this as an opportunity to explain … Continue reading

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Technical glitch

Because of a configuration error I made, my WordPress installation was unable to send emails during the last week or so. If any of you used my contact form during that timeframe your message was lost. Sorry about that. It … Continue reading

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My tactics on the Ideological Turing Test

My last post explained how I came up with my atheist persona for the ITT.  Now I want to talk about judging heuristics and how I tried to game some of them. I think it pays off to  plant cultural … Continue reading

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My strategy on the Ideological Turing Test.

So I participated in the second Ideological Turing Test contest at Leah Libresco’s Unequally Yoked, both with own entries and by voting on those of everyone else. I don’t think I have to explain the concept, because near everyone reading … Continue reading

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Hi everybody

I have an avalanche of people coming over from the Ideological Turing Test at Unequally Yoked. So many people have never been here yet. Unfortunately it’s more than a month since I last updated. But the blog is not dead … Continue reading

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Let’s go

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while and now I’m finally doing it. For now I have an about page and the first real post will be going up shortly. Let’s see where it leads.

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