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Oversimplification by Catholic cardinals and atheist bloggers

Atheist blogger JT Eberhard has a piece accusing the Catholic Church of supporting the Pinochet regime in Chile. This is somewhat surprising given the conventional wisdom is that the Chilean Catholic Church under Cardinal Silva basically ran what little internal … Continue reading

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Intrade anger

[Content warning: Swearing. Lots  of it.] [Update: I got my principle back, minus a few Dollars for fees and a few Euros because the Dollar got stronger.] So during the sedisvacancy I put $500 into Intrade, betting most of it … Continue reading

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The counter-productiveness of mockery

Second in a series about doubt, rationalization, being mean while debating, and a problem with the empirical assessment of the effectiveness of arguments. In my last post I explained how I used to struggle with my faith a lot more … Continue reading

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