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Thingspace is a mysterious answer

[Edit: My interpretation of the thingspace text was probably colored by the context in which I was thinking of it. I still have criticisms of it, but it’s not as useless as I was implying it to be. Read the … Continue reading

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Archbishop Müller and the doctrine of the real presence

A while ago I noted that people on the Internet were accusing Archbishop Müller, the new prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, of being an heretic himself. I also noted that I hadn’t read his works … Continue reading

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I’m not sure I understand matter

Catholic thought has been deeply entwined with Thomism for centuries and while the association has loosened it is still very present.  So as a reactionary Catholic I’m of course sympathetic to that philosophy.  But the truth is, my understanding of … Continue reading

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