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Intrade anger

[Content warning: Swearing. Lots  of it.] [Update: I got my principle back, minus a few Dollars for fees and a few Euros because the Dollar got stronger.] So during the sedisvacancy I put $500 into Intrade, betting most of it … Continue reading

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Marriage: The natural type and the social institution

Internet discussions about controversial issues often quickly degenerate into rather unpleasant shouting matches.  While this problem has some sources outside of itself, it is also self-reinforcing.  If the discussion is dominated by people who enjoy shouting matches, even slightly nonstandard … Continue reading

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Thinking about a pseudonym change

I first used the Gilbert moniker on German fora. In that context it’s a relatively subtle reference. But I think using it in English-speaking contexts might have been a mistake. A Catholic naming himself after Chesterton is a bit pretentious … Continue reading

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Two and a half songs

At First Things, Tristyn Bloom reports on a funny song that used to be sung by the Yale Glee Club in the old days. Then she notes: “The Pope” is apparently actually a translation of a German drinking song, so … Continue reading

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Everyone in America seems to talk about the Les Mis movie. Here in Germany it starts on Feb. 21. And because I’m an uneducated parvenu,  I’m preparing by reading the novel for the first time. So was Hugo paid by … Continue reading

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A continuation of last week’s dialogue. […] Matthew: Likewise, it will be the damnation that’s bad, not the life. Simplicio: So you think a good life outweighs damnation? Matthew: No, just like you don’t believe an otherwise good life outweighs … Continue reading

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It’s official

The circumcision act is in yesterday’s Bundesgesetzblatt (the federal official journal), which means it’s now in force and circumcision is again unambiguously legal in Germany. I guess there will be some unsuccessful court challenges, but basically it’s over. Here’s an … Continue reading

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In divided roles

Matthew, whom we know as a member of the  St. Hypotheticus drinking and nerdery club, is talking with a college friend. Simplicio: So Matt, when are you coming out atheist? Matthew:  Huh? Simplicio: Come on, you don’t really believe in … Continue reading

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Glooooooooooooooria in excelsis deeo!

So I kind of expected the committee to take its time, relegated the question to the back of my mind, forgot to follow the parliamentary calendar – and dropped the ball on reporting the main event. The Bundestag passed the … Continue reading

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More on the uselessness of sex ed

Update: Yvain, who unlike me knows what he’s talking about, takes a somewhat more nuanced position and I infest his combox. This is basically a response to a comment that got so long I made it a post. In my last … Continue reading

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