A propos

English translation of the text:

1. I am baptized an consecrated to God
through Christ’s name and sign,
the seal of the trinity
will never depart from me.
God has given me his spirit,
I am recessed into Christ
and lifted into his realm,
to praise him for ever.

2. From water and the holy spirit
I am now newly born;
God, who’s named the eternal love,
has chosen me as a child.
I may call him “Father mine”;
he appointed me his hear.
By him I am invited
to the banquet of his graces.

3. Christ the Lord has chosen me,
to him shall I henceforth live.
I want to serve him in the world
and give witness for him.
So I no longer live for me alone,
I’m allowed to be his friend and disciple.
I bear his name;
I stay his for ever. Amen.

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