Introducing the Comment Tweaker for Patheos

Lately my favorite Patheos blog had a large influx of new commentators. While it's great people are joining discussions I care about, I also find it  a little confusing. Looking for new comments among lots of old ones gets tiering real fast. I also find it difficult to keep track of who is who.

So I used  the opportunity to teach myself some Javascript and Greasemonkey and came up with a technical solution I'm now sharing with you. Since it didn't make a difference in programming difficulty, I also made it work on other Patheos blogs, but not on those that use Disqus.

First I'll briefly explain the features and then I'll tell you how to get it.

  • Comments are collapsible. Click on the gray titlebar of a comment and it collapses to that titlebar, taking any subthreads it might have with it. Click the titlebar again and it reexpands.
  • Comments have controls to mark them read/unread and important/bulk. They start out as unread&bulk. Read comments have a gray background, important comments a red one.
  • On the next reload (sub-)threads with only unread bulk comments start out as collapsed.
  • The comment page has a control to hide collapsed comments completely.
  • There is a pair of (initially) empty parenthesis's behind every commentators name. If you click on it it turns into an input field for a tag. Enter something and, beginning with the next reload, that tag will be displayed on all comments by that author. This isn't magic though. It goes by name and link (if any). Some people give a common first name and no link and sometimes two of them end up using the same name. In that case they will share a tag too.

OK, if you'd like that, how do you get it? First, it only works on the Firefox browser.  Then, if you don't have it already, you need to install the Greasemonkey add-on, which is the platform my script is based on. This will require a browser restart. Finally, you can install my script from its page at

It's free and comes without any warranties.

If you have any questions or problems please leave a comment.

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